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Digital Solutions to Your business problems

The services provided have some common characteristics providing insight in the way we operate.
We leverage a flexible partnership model to help our business-focused clients providing IT consulting, engineering and training services.

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Our Clients

Services provided by Byte Revolution

We offer a full range of Software Consulting and Engineering Services aiming to Analyse, Assess and Improve the Processes and Software facilitating your business operation.

IT Consulting

A bespoke service aimed at optimisatin and streamlining of your business in all its various facets.

Software Engineering

Providing single consultants or whole teams we help your organisation by building the digital services that best suit your business needs.


Helping your organisation efficiency by providing IT training services for the cutting-edge and more established technologies that populate your software landscape.

How we have helped our clients

What We Offer

Consulting, Engineering, Training.

Connected business services

Providing in-depth knowledge of web-technologies we help automate communication accross your business operations reducing fixed costs and paper-based processes.

Quality Assurance

Providing confidential and un-biased consulting services facilitating internal assessments of Software quality based on industry standards.

Software development life cycle

Providing standards based software pipelines that allow for continous delivery of working software whilst minimising cloud service costs.

IT Training

Maintaining our clients' workforce relevant in a fast moving technology scene is crucial to us. Our team delivers training for your Frontend, Backend and DevOps engineers. So they are able to add value daily.

Cost effective

Our partnership model allows for the most elastic organisational workforce requirements. Allowing you to scale up and down within very tight timescales.

Individual Consultations

We believe that having a chat is the best way to conduct business. We are always personally available for our clients and have a totally transparent business model.


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